Zocus allows you to wirelessly control the Zoom and Focus of your DSLR Camera Lens, via the Bluetooth enabled Zocus App, on iPad or iPhone.

Client: BBC / Studio Lambert
Website: zocus.co.uk
Services: iOS


The device is useful to any Photograph/Film enthusiast, although the device was originally developed for James Dunn as part of BBC Two’s series, The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve. James is passionate about photography, but who also has a condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, which makes his skin to be very sensitive to even slight pressure. This causes James severe pain and considerable frustration when trying to operate fiddly camera buttons or scroll/jog-wheels.

James wants to master this art and wants full creative control of a professional DSLR camera, to frame and focus the world as he sees it. At the time, James had to verbally describe each of the numerous adjustments on the DSLR to his dad Kenny. Understandably, this was prone to confusion on both of their parts.

Jude was recruited by the producers of the series at Studio Lambert to work on this project with James. The Design Brief was as follows:

  • Both Focus and Zoom must be controlled button/dial-free.
  • Although Follow-Focus gear does exist, these only control the low-torque Focus Ring of the Lens, not the Zoom as well. They are also very expensive.
  • These are also usually controlled (via wires) by a large hand-held dial. It is not possible for James to operate devices like this.
  • James would also like the solution to work with his tablet/smartphone, via an iPad app.

Jude worked with James over the course of 5 months, to better understand his aspirations in photography and the limitations and also possibilities surrounding his condition.


Built the iPad app.