Yes or No

Rudimentary AAC

Client: Ross Atkin Associates
Date: November 2017
Services: iOS
App Store: Download
Open Source: Github

Yes or No is an extremely rudimentary digital communication aid. We built it for the mother of a friend who had and a stroke which had taken away all her communication and much of her motor control. It allow the user to say Yes or No and requires either no, or very minimal set up.

The app can be used as a first step in re-establishing communication before the user moves on to more sophisticated Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app or device.

Yes or No can be used directly with the touchscreen (presenting large targets for the user to press when installed on an iPad) or by using the iOS built-in Switch Control features.

When using Switch Control, we recommend enabling auto-scanning and setting up a single switch, either using the camera to recognise a head movement, or using a bluetooth access switch.

Searching the app store for AAC will surface a number of more sophisticated communication apps which the user can move on to as they gain confidence with the technology.

Advice on how to access help and support to use digital communication aids can be found from Communication Matters: