Speech-to-Text translation app with support for Bobbycom

Client: BBC / Studio Lambert
Date: December 2017
Services: iOS
Open Source: Github

Designed for the TV show, The Big Life Fix (Series 2), Subtitles works with in either device-only mode or as a relay to the Bobbycom.

Features include:

  • Uses Google’s Speech-to-Text API.
  • Use on-device or specially designed Bluetooth 7-mic array device.
  • Add custom audio keywords that can be associated with a colour to set text on the screen and whom is speaking e.g. Banana -> John in Yellow.
  • Select any ASR language from the full list provided by Google.
  • Play/pause microphone capture.
  • Add common phrases to assist Google’ ASR algorithm.
  • Continuous transcription despite 1 minute limit of API.
  • Clear the text.
  • Hide intermediate (prediction) text.