The world’s first Artificial Intelligence enabled cardboard robot that you build yourself.

Client: Ross Atkin Associates
Services: iOS
Project: Kickstarter
Android: Download


Smartibot works with your smartphone, meaning you can use your mobile as a remote control, or by attaching it to your robot, as it’s brain.

The Smartibot app contains a powerful A.I. called YOLO which can recognise objects Smartibot sees such as people, cars, dogs and bicycles. Without any programming you can tell your robot to follow you around with a cup of tea, chase your dog or your cat out of your bedroom or even follow your toy car.

Build a robot out of anything

With Smartibot you can keep on building. You can build your robots out of almost anything around the house, even a potato!

You just re-use the circuit board, motors and battery box and attach them to your magnificent creation. The only limit is your imagination.