MSE Genie

Configurable iPad & iPhone controller to allow children to orchestrate Sensory Rooms over Bluetooth.

Client: TFH Special Needs Toys
Services: iOS
App Store: Download


TFH special needs toys approached Ross Atkin Associates to build MSE Genie. After drafting specifications for the first version, Ross approached me to build the app. In a short amount of time we delivered the project and have been supporting maintenance and new features ever since. We have added to the suite of apps with MSE Pixie and MSE Genie TV.


TFH special needs toys are a UK manufacturer of assistive toys and equipment. They are one of the leading global suppliers of equipment for Sensory Rooms (or Multi Sensory Environments).

How It Works

MSE Genie is an iOS app and piece of hardware that allows the equipment in a sensory room to be controlled using an iPad. The app allows the person in charge of the room to configure the interface presented by the iPad around the specific needs of the room’s user. The interface can be as simple as a single button or as complex selection and control of specific pieces of equipment.

The MSE Genie is simple to set up:

In Settings identify new Rewards (you can have up to 12). e.g. Bubble Column 1; Bubble Column 2; Hurricane Wall; Fiber Optic Curtain; Colour Wash; Aroma diffuser; Musical Squares; Video Projector.

MSE Genie is simple to adjust:

In Teacher Mode choose which Rewards are “in play” then choose how many buttons you want to present to the student. You can make it very simple or fairly complex.

MSE Genie is brilliant to use:

In Student Mode immediate reward control is via the tailored interface. Accidental re-configuration is avoided thanks to a required double-press gesture in opposite corners.