Dyson GTS

A tool for visually tracking a moving target on a calibrated ground plane and recording position and angle in 2-dimensions

Client: Dyson
Date: June 2014
Language: C++
Open Source: Github


The Ground Truth System (GTS) is Dyson’s first open source project. The GTS is a multi-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) desktop application designed to track a moving object from the ceiling of a room using 2 or more cameras.

It was used internally to calculate the accuracy of the Dyson 360 Eye’s navigation.

Further, per the IEC specification for testing robotic vacuum cleaners, the GTS became the standard application that all companies used to produce results.


  • Responsible for open sourcing the project
  • Adding new features
  • Fixing bugs
  • Distributing new releases
  • Documentation and support for internal and external users
  • Managing contractor who also assisted on the project