A portable 360° Microphone Array Speech-to-Text Device

Client: BBC / Studio Lambert
Date: December 2017
Services: Embedded Systems, Python, MQTT
Open Source: Github

Designed for the TV show, The Big Life Fix (Series 2), the Bobbycom is a portable device that can be carried around to different locations, placed on the middle of a table and capture audio from multiple directions. In turn, this audio is transcribed to text and displayed on a smartphone using a custom app – Subtitles.

It comprises of:

  • A small computer system combined with a circular ring of microphones and LEDs.
  • Ring of microphones allows the device listen around 360 degrees.
  • LEDs identify where the sound is coming from and act as the user interface
    on what state the device is in.
  • Computer system processes the audio, sends it to an Internet-based
    service to be converted to text and then uses Bluetooth to send the text to
    the iOS app to be read by the user.
  • Rechargeable battery to allow the device to be used outside of the home.