Bobby 360

Client: BBC / Studio Lambert
Date: December 2017
Services: iOS, Embedded Systems, Computer Vision

Designed for The Big Life Fix (Series 2), the purpose of this solution was to help Bobby be more confident when travelling alone.

Bobby is deaf and when walking alone he can easily be startled by vehicles, bicycles and even people walking from behind.

Therefore, I created an intelligent Smart Cap that combines cutting edge Machine Learning (image/object recognition) with a bespoke flat cap that has vibration motors inside it’s lining that relay feedback to the participant with the ability to effectively “see behind him”.

The iOS app does the heavy lifting of identifying the objects in real time and where they are relative to the users and relays the message to the motors over Bluetooth which reside in the cap. For convenience, we designed a flat cap with a slot to hold the phone, but there is no reason another piece of clothing or bag could not be used.